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What is TRACE

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The TRACE programme - Transparency, Accountability, Responsiveness and Citizen Engagement - is a five year (2014 – 2019) programme that aims to enhance state accountability and preserve democratic space, building on the new constitution.


The overall aim of the programme is to empower citizens to hold the Zimbabwean state to account for its use of resources and its respect for human rights and democratic principles. This is done through the provision of financial and technical support to civil society organisations across a number of thematic areas and strategic interventions.


The programme will support civil society to engage more effectively with the state and other stakeholders on governance issues, monitoring the situation and constructively advocating for reform. TRACE will also aim to ensure democratic rights enshrined in the new constitution are respected, and that opportunities for discourse and contestation are protected.


The programme emphasises the need for positive engagement. Where it is necessary and possible, it will be important to build bridges and engage in constructive dialogue with a range of partners, including government, the private sector and other groups with a shared incentive to see social transformation and citizen engagement in Zimbabwe.


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