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TRACE Resources and Links


June 08, 2016

Gender in project design, budgets and M&E guidelines

June 07, 2016

This simple guide is aimed at assiting in the formulation of new projects.

June 06, 2016

Transparency & Accountability

Using Transparency and Accountability to improve public sector performance: Case studies from Africa

December 21, 2015

An independent assessment of TRACE’s gender mainstreaming in programme design, organisation and partner approaches. December 2015

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May 31, 2016

Zambian Governance Forum for Civil Society

The Zambian Governance Foundation (ZGF) is a non-profit organisation established in 2009, borne out of the need to support Zambian civil society organisations (CSOs) which are involved in pro-poor policy influencing work. ZGF works in partnership with civil society organisations across a wide range of themes, such as but not limited to land rights, health, education, equality, youth rights, small business, agriculture and community development. Through this work, ZGF contributes to wider efforts to address poverty in Zambia.

June 09, 2016

The Tilitonse Fund

Tilitonse is a multi–donor pooled grant making facility supporting more accountable, responsive and inclusive governance in Malawi through grants to projects led by civil society and other like-minded interest groups.

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