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Our Guiding Principles

Ten principles have been identified as guiding standards for programme implementation and these are:

  1. A consultative, collaborative, harmonised approach between donors, the Secretariat, partners and other actors;

  2. Transparency and impartiality in decision-making and competitive, transparent proposal selection processes;

  3. Robust due diligence processes designed to minimise fiduciary and programmatic risk;

  4. Zero tolerance for corruption (click here to download our guidelines on fraud, anti-corruption and whistleblowing);

  5. Value for money;

  6. A simple, clear grants cycle that outlines the grants process from initial conceptual thinking to close down;

  7. Rigorous financial oversight including spot checks and audits;

  8. Timely and accurate financial, impact and results reporting;

  9. Capacity building with grantees to strengthen professionalisation of financial and programme management;

  10. Close collaboration and interconnectedness that prioritises and captures systematic learning between management processes especially grants management, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation and contextual analysis.  


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