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Our Approach

Our programme is implemented through a grant making and partnership process that encourages innovative thinking and promotes coalition building and cooperative, collaborative approaches both within civil society and between civil society and the private sector, professional associations, as well as religious bodies in order to achieve collective action. The fund strongly encourages participation by civil society organisations (CSOs) and community based organisations (CBOs) of all sizes, new actors, and those based in all corners of the country.

Our approach is attentive to innovation and creativity, supports core institutions, is sensitive to issues of decentralisation, is flexible in terms of funding modalities, and shows awareness to the fragility of the political environment.

In other words, TRACE is realistic in the context of the political environment; flexible, in being able to adapt to a range of needs and dynamic political circumstances; reliable, in terms of sound grant management, capacity building, monitoring and lessons-learning and reporting; and innovative to maximise impact and ensure the best value for money.


We do all of our work in collaboration with civil society organisations and other partners who join with us in identifying issues to address, pushing for new solutions, and harnessing the transformative power of collaboration. To bring about the kinds of changes that will help improve people’s lives we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention and where we can have the greatest impact. Then we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference working in partnership with others in a spirit of trust, open communication, and transparency.

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