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TRACE's Anonymous Tip-Off Service

As part our committment to transparaency and accountability, TRACE has subscribed to the DELOITTE TIP-OFFS ANONYMOUS service for the benefit of all our grantees and their partners.


Any employee of any organisation that directly or indirectly receives money or support from TRACE can utilise this service.

Any incidences of fraud, theft, misuse of property, conflict of interest or inappropriate behaviour can be reported to the independent Call Centre using the toll free numbers below. Also listed below are the other options for reporting any of the above types of incidents.


The identity of anyone reporting an incident will be protected.


Also, should you have some proof that another Supplier/Partner has given bribes to secure a contract/service with TRACE, please contact Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous. 

Contact Options


  • Toll Free Telephone: 0800 4100, 0800 4101, 0800 4103, 0800 4104, 0800 4105, 0800 4106 or 08004151 (These can be dialled from any Tel-One phone countrywide – there is no cost to you.) 

  • Toll Fee Econet lines:  0808 5500, 0808 4461 (These can be accessed by Econet Subscribers ONLY)

  • Toll free cell:               0716 800 189/ 0716 800 190 (Netone subscribers only)

  • Toll free cell:               0732 220 220/0732 330 330 (Telecel subscribers only)

  • Toll Free Fax: 0800 4146

  • Internet:

  • Free Post: The Call Centre, P.O. Box HG 883, Highlands, Harare.

  • E-mail: 

You are not obliged to give your name. 


Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous will then send a report to the TRACE Fraud Management Committee.  If a report concerns any wrong doings on the part of members of the Fraud Management Committee. Should anyone on the Fraud Managemnent Committee be implicated then the report will be sent to the external Directors of the TRACE management organisation. .  You can contact Tip-offs Anonymous on the details above for a more detailed explanation of the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous service. 

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