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About Us

TRACE is the Transparency, Responsiveness, Accountability and Citizen Engagement programme. TRACE aims to promote a more transparent, responsive, accountable, and inclusive governance system in Zimbabwe through support to projects led by civil society and other like-minded interest groups. The programme is designed to run from 2014 to 2019. 

Our Outputs

We have a roadmap articulated in a Theory of Change (ToC) that takes into account the programme’s context, vision and goals, risks and underlying assumptions and that identifies the outputs or actions and processes that must be taken in order to achieve the programme goals.

Our Approach

Our programme will be implemented through a grant making and partnership process that will encourage innovative thinking and encourage coalition building and cooperative, collaborative approaches both within civil society and between civil society and the private sector, professional associations, as well as religious bodies in order to achieve collective action.

Innovation Fund

TRACE has launched an innovation fund and invites developers, entrepreneurs and organisations to contribute to increased citizen access to quality independent media, research and information. Click here to apply.

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